Standalone DVD player bought in Belgium used in UK

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Feb 11, 2002
  1. A friend of mine just bought himself a standalone DVD player. ON the continent, this player works perfect.

    However, when using it with an English TV (s-video, scart, composite) the image is scrambled. But, when fast forwarding (2x-8x) the image is perfect and when the image is paused, it's perfect too.

    Anyone a reason why and maybe a solution?
  2. Bobes

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    Is the DVD player PAL (as opposed to SECAM)? Tried using another british TV?

    It does sound very weird. What DVDs has he tried?
  3. ToRN

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    Different scart?

    He already tried on different TV's and yes the player is both Pal and NTSC, not SECAM (used in France, not in Belgium).

    What are the specs of the britisch standards?
  4. Bobes

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    Apologies, I thought SECAM covered Belgium as well. It doesn't sound too likely that its going to be regional, as usually NTSC playback on PAL just gives a black and white image.

    I have a problem using my American imported GeForce 2's S-Video out on PAL televiisons, the output is garbled, even when set to PAL. Sounds similar to this situation. British PAL is version "I", as opposed to "M" as used in Belgium (I believe). Although this shouldn't really matter as both have basically the same specifications.

    You can find all the technical specifications you should need here:

  5. ToRN

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    This is the info I was looking for. Knowing that you have the same prob with your GF2 s-video, I guess indeed that there must be a slight difference between the standards.

    Anyway, it's funny that the image is perfect when the image is still or when it is FF or FR. What is the factor that causes the problem when moving at 25 FPS and not when moveing at another FPS? If you find anything else, give me a post (was going to say a ring, but yeah, I know, ...). Tnx already anyway.
  6. Bobes

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    PAL has a greater resolution but lesser framerate. Something to do with that?
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