Standy or Hibernation when closing lid on powered on laptop?

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Jun 29, 2004
  1. This is surely a stupid question but I'm a Mac person and just learning about the "other" side.

    One of our exec's is having a wake from sleep issue with his IBM Thinkpad (X31). He often has to hastily close the lid with the machine powered on and has difficulty getting it to wake up later.

    2 questions.

    Is the machine going into standy or hibernation mode when he does this?

    What key(s) does he need to mash to wake it up? (preferably in an unlocked state.)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Godataloss

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    I believe with XP you can do either as well as just shut off the screen when you close the lid. Check the power option settings in control panel. Click my computer->control panel->power options
  3. young&wild

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    This is no stupid question. Its all good. Everyone here is constantly learning. ;)

    To check which state the machine is going into, you need to do the following.

    Start ---> Control Panel ---> Power Options ---> Advanced tab

    Under the "power button section" , you should find the answers for both the questions.

    Hope this helps!

    Welcome to Techspot by the way.
  4. poertner_1274

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    But to answer your question, all you should have to do is hit the power button, and that should force it to wake back up.

    BTW :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
  5. Rick

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    Or press any key.. Or move the mouse...

    It varies among brands and models.

    What is the issue exactly with standby / hibernate that you are experiencing? Any error messages? What does the laptop do?

    Hibernation and standby are two very different things with a simliar purpose.

    Unlike standby, hibernation completely shuts off the computer. It takes a few seconds longer than standby. Hibernation dumps everything from memory onto a file on the hard drive. When the computer is turned back on, it restores this file back to memory, which retains all of your settings, open windows, running programs... etc.

    Standby is more instantaneous, but it does not turn off the computer. Standby turns off all unecessary computer components except for memory and CPU, which retain your current settings, windows and programs that are running. Kind of like hiberation, only computer runs on battery power (usually for about 10 times longer than normal).

    Hibernation (in my opinion) has fewer problems than Standby from what I've seen. Hiberation is also better for laptops since it conserves battery power. Standby still uses substantial power, where Hibernation requires absolutely none.
  6. R31 User

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    I am experiencing a problem with standby and hibernation as well. My R31 Thinkpad used to go into standby whenever I closed the lid. Now however, when I close the lid, the system appears to go into standby, the crescent moon led lights up, but when I open the lid, the led turns off but the system does not restore. Hitting the power button turns it off immediately. No normal shutdown procedure.

    I have checked all my power management settings and Bios settings. The system is supposed to standby when the lid is closed. I called IBM and went through upgrading the BIOS, the video drivers, the power management drivers. Nothing helped. I sent the Thinkpad back to IBM. Just got it back today from them. They say they replaced the system board. Same problem. Anyone else have this problem or any ideas what might be causing this? I don't think I made any changes to the system that would cause this to suddenly start happening.

  7. Rick

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    I'm absolutely sure it is not a hardware problem. You may have already figured that out since IBM replaced the board and it still has the same problem though. :)

    The BIOS on modern computers (while it can) does not have the last say when it comes to power management. For example, Windows XP's power management settings take precedence over the power management settings in your BIOS.

    So from what I am familiar with, your problem is a software problem. It's probably some wrong setting or quirky Windows / IBM maximiser issue.
  8. Kiatchan

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    x31 standby problem solved

    Hi there,

    I had this same problem - I put my x31 into standby mode either by closing the lid or fn-f4, and when i reopen lid or press fn key, nothing happens, and I have to do a hard boot.

    Called IBM and was instructed to update bios, embedded controller, and power management and battery maximizer tools. Did all these and problem not resolved. Called them back, and luckily did NOT follow their next piece of advice to uninstall xp service pack 2. Btw, this problem seem to have started only after I installed sp2, but I'm not sure.. but one thing I'm sure is that after being on sp2 for about a month now, I know I may get into new problems if I uninstall it cos since then, I've also updated other applications like NAV, etc.

    Anyway, back to the problem.

    I tried some tests. I found that if I put the machine into standby and immediately woke it up again (fn-f4, then immediately or within seconds press fn) I could get the machine back up. I also noticed that if I leave it longer and the problem surfaces, by the flicker of the x31 indicators, it does appear the machine did make an attempt to wake up, the harddisk light flickers as if its attempting to read something, then the machine dies.

    I started to suspect its video driver related. This is proven when I put the machine into hibernation instead of standby, and the machine throws up a blue screen implicating some ati driver.

    I immediately checked IBM web for an updated video driver, and there was one.. all 28MB of it. Downloaded and did the update, and my x31 is back to being able to hibernate AND standby :).

    Hope this article will help someone. Cheers.

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