Star Citizen event shows off new content, but a release date and Squadron 42 remain absent

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What was promised was delivered. It's a red herring that he keeps throwing out.
are the 890 jump and exploration ships?
Not a passenger transport ship's main role?
does the 890 jump have enough firepower to protect itself in dangerous territories?
Does the 890 jump have enough fuel to travel deepspace and explore new words plus long distances as stated in the many 890 jump adverting?
how does the 890 jump have advanced techs and lead the way?
So the 890 jump isn't a useless roleplaying ship
that has the armor and is getting all the features in the 890 jump brochure?
Is the 890 jump the best capital class exploration ship?
Will the 80 jump gets special armor?
a little too late to make the 890 jump limited but is it still rare?
Will the 890 jump have exploration gameplay loops created for it?
will fix the fuel scoop? cargo
add the features that were promised like armor and Kodiak AC Point
Defense System?
censors, that pick up everything? as stated in the brochure.
have shields that only an Idris can crack?
890 jump kinda like Idris but just fancy according to Ben lesnick

890 jump is now capital class ship shouldn't the 890 jump have capital class censors components etc.
Cig game made the 890 capital class from corvette class?

will star citizen backers claim the main role of the 890 isn't passenger transport? will star citizen reddit backers concede that the 890 jumnp is an exploration ship?


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It is an exploration ship. It all depends on the modules you use.

Its also a luxury transport for people. Again... based on the modules you choose. We can answer YES to most of your questions.

You're becoming very tiresome and I can fully understand you getting blocked and banned from everywhere
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