StarCraft 2 to lack LAN support, no chance of a console release

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Jun 29, 2009
  1. Notorio

    Notorio TS Rookie

    Oh dang

    what a bad move IMO, LAN is what made their games fun and famous, and now they take that away sayin that it's not relevant since the 90's? They surely don't understand their own games.

    Now we gotha rely on the internet, their server, the ISP, to be able to play games even when everyone is in the same room, what an inconveniences. What would they lose by including a simple LAN capability anyway? what ever the case, you are deducting value to your product.

    Lets see how many pirate this game
  2. Rick

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    No, it isn't and it is very sad that anyone would support having their options arbitrarily limited.

    The better way to do this is to require a logon before you can play a LAN game. Blizzard gets the exact same anti-piracy protection by verifying your product key and bnet account, but also maintains the freedom for its customers to play local games with their friends. There is no clear reason to completely remove LAN gameplay, except out of sheer laziness or contempt for customers.

    What makes this a step backward is that yes -- legitimate owners get multi-player via -- but they get fewer multi-player options. Blizzard is actually taking away a common multi-player feature. In a sense, they are punishing paying customers by limiting your options. Nearly everyone expects to be able to play LAN games and its a shame Blizzard has chosen the 'easy' way out, by not programming the game with LAN support.
  3. That's 2x .357 magnum shots, one in each foot... ouch! But it may turn out to be just a publicity stunt.
  4. shossofe

    shossofe TS Enthusiast Posts: 47

    oh my effin console?????????????? Why no effin console release??!?!! Halo Wars was a perfect example on how good RTS is for console! Why not this game?!

    anywho, not a big shocker. Blizzard already tried their Starcraft console port to the N64 back in the day. Funny thing is that I never heard about that Starcraft 64 when I was actually playing with my N64. Blizzard failed at that game so I guess they learned their lesson and will stay away from console. (and the fact that they make games for PC mainly).

    But what the hell, Blizzard. No LAN support? Why no LAN? Are their exploits in your other games that take advantage of LAN (i dunno, are there?)? There is no reason to not have LAN support. That totally kills the fun from a LAN party. uhhhhhh, oh crap. Just remembered this as I type. Actually, having no LAN can actually prevent some piracy for the game.

    *goes into story mode*
    Once upon a time, I went over to and found out that Left 4 Dead came out. Excited for the game but still skeptical, I went over to *censored* the game. Since it is a *censored* version of the game, there is no internet/multi-player capabilities. But there is LAN capabilities for Left 4 Dead. I then went ahead and downloaded *censored* (a program which makes users around the world connect to each other like a LAN server via the program) I then played the game happily for a month with these people around the world even though it is a *censored* version of the game.%%%

    LAN does has it's good perks. But Blizzard probably knows about this and wants no LAN option because of this growing concern over piracy.

    %%% I ended up buying the game so don't bother me about how I'm such a bad person.
    (search me up on steamcommunity if you like)

    hmmmm, on a totally different topic. These companies are all #itchin' about piracy and what not. Yet, the most effective so far would be the pathetic DRM thing that EA used to used. Games get cracked before they are even released, that's how much the security sucks for these games. Let's see.......USA - bad game security, Europe - bad game security, Asia - Japan can't do crap.

    Let's see here, games get cracked before they are even released made by the U.S./Europe/Japan/etc. but suprisingly, a KOREAN company, yes, a KOREAN company made the BEST anti piracy to date. this KOREAN company has made several hit PSP games (in korea) which had trouble being cracked (those games were cracked one week after they were released) Now, they made PC port and so has been a whole YEAR and it still isn't cracked. Secret to this is a USB dongle. The game requires you to plug in a special USB that requires it to play.Sad to say that the Koreans didn't #itch about piracy but actually did something about it.
    sorry.......It's 3 am and I am bored and tired..........
  5. Imagine, for a moment, turning on your Xbox/Ps3 to play Madden at a party with friends, only to find out that you can't play with the friends next to you unless you log into the internet.

    I refuse to buy this game without LAN support. Period.
  6. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    Just like starcraft64, at least I know how greatly successful and amazingly easy to play that was I think blizzard wants starcraft2 to stay a highly competitive game, which means consoles are simple to play it on XD.

    Please, everybody must realize LAN IS THE SAME THING AS MULTIPLAYER, instead of clicking on LAN and setting up a game and yelling at people next to you to join (screen cheat ftw?), you will have to click on a different icon saying BNET and set up a PASSWORDED game, then yell at everyone next to you to join. BNet is complicated, yes?
  7. yukka

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    All Blizzard are doing is guarenteeing the creation of a pirate copy of the game with the lan feature built in. In the same way that you cant play the single player story without buying 3 copies of the game - again guarenteeing the creation of a pirate copy with all the story included.

    What the heck are they thinking?
  8. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    I think mr. unnamed guest has a very valid point, I didn't finish reading but it sounds very good.
    from -
  9. I bet they still make money. And I bet the game will be so fun that no one will ditch it just because of no lan support. As for so called pirating, come on guys. You made a game in 1997 and people are still hacking it today. What else is wrong? Your diamond shoes are a little slippery in the rain? Your supermodel wife not giving you enough sleep?
  10. emulator. Remove the 45-day inactivity character deletion. Bam. LAN BNet server. Play with friends. Choose whatever you want.
  11. I guess blizzard doesn't realize that all anti-piracy measures fail within a few hours to a few weeks of the game coming out, so really their *****s. And so is all the other company's that try these stupid things to prevent piracy, it doesn't work. And forcing you to use Bnet is basically like saying "your renting the game from us, at any time we can take it away" And **** these who were at the AE lan this year know how much use Lan is... We had no internet for 3 days
  12. I really doubt this will stop piracy at all. The people who won't buy it because of no LAN support will probably just download a hacked version anyway just to play the campaign.
  13. As much as i agree with the reasoning, I am certain there would be better ways of doing it, such as monthly authentication etc, and i couldn't possibly support such a move. I still play starcraft to this day, (had a game this morning) and i play on GGC, which for those who don't know is a lan based gaming client. The same is true for when i play WC3. I wouldn't play either of those games anymore if it wasn't for the LAN function. I suppose, this isn't exactly a problem for blizzard, because they did sell the game both times to me, and now they have their money they don't care anymore. I have always supported blizzard for keeping the public's experience over money making, and i believe this is partly true with WoW, despitesubscription, as it keeps the game constantly updated. Another example is their continuation of Mac support as a top priority, even though the vast majority do not use Mac (myself included). I will still by SC2 when it comes out, but if i stop playing within a year, i will be very disappointed in blizzard.

  14. I'm so glad that Blizzard didn't give in and release a console version, it's one thing I hate bethesda for, I have to install 20+ addons before oblivion or fallout 3 are playable, because it's made for consoles.

    long live PC gaming.
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