StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cracks 3 million sales


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With the first month of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty behind us, millions of gamers around the globe have purchased Blizzard's latest blockbuster. In a brief sales update, the company said it's shipped over three million copies in the initial month of availability in North America, Europe, South Korea, Australia, Russia and many other regions.

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TS Enthusiast
3 million seems a bit low with all the time and hype built up, but its still a best seller so I guess no one can complain.


To yowanvista, sentiments exactly! I was so excited about the game being released, I got it the first day, and barely left my PC for two days until the Terran mission was over. It was too short indeed.

Other than that, I really hope Blizzard will smarten up and add supports for LAN gaming.


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I doubt they're going to add lan gaming. As far as the internet has come, who needs it. Not hard to get a multiple connect point for several pc's.


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Hey, has anyone had a problem validating the game at My request always times out. At first I thought it was my ISP but attempting to ping the site from external servers returns a time out as well.

I'd love to play...but can't get the game validated.