Starlink adds a daytime data cap of 1 TB for residential users


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The raw cost per uploaded TB (the download is free zero cost) for the ISP if pays for a 100gbps line is 1$ before taxes and if pays per TB is 5.74$ before taxes. (source Voxility).

So I think the problem isn’t the raw cost of the (uploaded) TB but the capacity of the satellites.
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I'm not really worried, with streaming etc. I think we are using about 500gb/mo.
On the other hand the local electrical co-op has just stated we are up next for fiber rollout and they only need 24 more customers to sign up before they are good to go. I suspect we will get it next month.
I'm also going to setup my machine, and my son's to download updates after 10pm. bandwidth cap issue solved!

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I guess when you're out in the middle of nowhere it's great to have but at this pace I honestly think he's going to kill it for a lot of users ....