Startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours

Something causing my startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours.Here are the problems I am fetching...

1.Wifi disconnects suddenly(can't connect again after many attempt)
2.If I open task manager
- after 4/5 sec it's not working.
-In Details tab, it is blank.
-When closing task manager it says not responding
3.Most of the startup apps stops working

4.Takes too much time after shutdown.During shutdown sometimes a soft noise comes from cpu for 1/2 sec.
-After restart
5.Some gadget not starting at startup

Note : None of this occurs normally.Pc normally starts and shuts down fast enough.
-Sometimes after couple of restart it is fixed. Though that's rare.Most of the time I have to give a fresh setup to fix this.


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Without knowing all the components of your computer my guess is that you are using a spinning-style hard drive and it is having issues. Those blank areas of Task Manager suggest that the hard drive is going through some self repair and it would be great if a hard drive would have a method to let the user know it is struggling but unfortunately they do not (sometimes you can see some drive errors in the Event Viewer, check there). They just relocate sectors and move data around on the fly to safer parts of the drive as the bad parts are discovered.

I would think that this is the reason the computer starts behaving once in a while. After the drive relocates the data, your machine smartens up and is more usable...until the drive runs into another bad area and it all begins again. Eventually the drive will collapse and you will get "Boot drive not found" one day.