Startup program initializes the Windows 'shutdown' command

By cloaked
Dec 14, 2007
  1. I Downloaded and bad .exe and now i've got pc problems. When Windows loads, a command line window opens, runs the shutdown command, and turns off my pc. :( If i click fast enought I can close the window before the command is initialized though, and then i don't have any furter problems. :) In task manager I have an extra svchost.exe running that shouldn't be there. Its a 2nd svchost.exe 'Network Service' - when i end this proccess, it causes the 'shutdown command' to initialize. This opens the same 'shutdown' window that I get when Windows starts up.

    No luck finding this program in my startup folders, and i couldn't seem to find it in msconfig either. McAfee Virus Scanner didn't fix it either. My HijackThis log is attached (note, i didn't run hijackthis from safe mode, and i hadn't re-named it's exe either). Currently I'm running the Trend Micro HouseCall 6.5 on my pc for the next hour.

    btw, I can point you to the exact exe file that caused this problem if that would help. It was either the download located at the first address, or the file i downloaded from the second link. Both were subosedly 'aimbots' for Call Of Duty 4.
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    Hello and welcome to TechSpot.

    Your HijackThis log does not show any malicious svchost.exe processes. It appears that your system was infected with a dialer that has since been removed. However, there may still be malware on the system.

    First of all, go into Add/Remove Programs in your control panel and uninstall anything having to do with Viewpoint.

    Then download the AutoRuns program from here. Save it to your desktop and extract it.

    Once extracted, run the file autorun.exe. Click on the Options menu and make sure the Hide Microsoft Entries option is checked. Then click File > Save As... and save the logfile to wherever you prefer.

    Now go and read the Viruses/spyware/malware preliminary removal instructions. Follow all the instructions exactly.

    Post fresh HijackThis, ComboFix, and AVG Anti-Spyware logs as attachments, only after doing the above. (Remember to rename your hijackthis.exe file). Also attach the AutoRuns log.

    Please post the results of the Panda Anti-rootkit scan as well.

    Regards :)

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