Steam not starting at all

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Jan 11, 2007
  1. ok here's the problem I don't know why this started but whenever i double click the "Steam" icon to start steam it won't start it has a quick timer thing the hourglass and it loads into the system processes but doesn't show up or do anything else, and sometimes wen it does start it says that the registry is being used by another process, BTW I HAVE ALREADY UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED THIS GAME so that wont work and I HAVE ALREADY CHECKED STEAMS SUPPORT and all it says its background processes and idk wat to do i mean i kno the processes but i cant imagine which one it would be....thanks for all the help
  2. N1Hawk

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    have you gone to the Steam support page and posted the question to the techs there?
  3. mailpup

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    Steam itself is not a game. What game is it? Did you setup a Steam account when you installed the game or how far did you get in the process?
  4. gamingmage

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    Yay for researching of problems it only took forever and a day :p

    ok i kno steam is not a game btw its the application that contains cs dod and other games neways i DID fix it as i was also having problems with WoW so i went to their forum and on the 26th page there is a link to a file that runs a scan during the startup between initial startup to the desktop that looks for wat would be causing it...i did that and now everything works perfectly :D
  5. beef_jerky4104

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    Send an email to Valve (the makers of steam). There websiteis hope this helps.
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