Steam survey returns to normal as AMD, Windows 11, and English recapture lost share, RTX...


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What just happened? Not for the first time this year, the latest Steam survey results have seemingly reset themselves following an unusual month of significant changes. Windows 11 saw major gains in the OS category, as did English in the languages section and AMD in its battle against Intel within the processor group. While the RTX 3060 remains at the top of the GPU chart, its user share fell a massive 4.88%.

October's Steam survey results contained a few surprising stats. As mentioned at the time, there was a chance that this could be a repeat of what we saw in March, when many categories saw major changes only for things to return to normal a month later. It appears that the prediction was correct.

Starting with the latest survey's GPU chart, the RTX 3060, which first topped the list in September, remains number one, though its user share fell by 4.88% while former king the GTX 1650 was up 1.13%.

Looking at November's top performers, the laptop variant of the RTX 3060 was the number one GPU (up 1.20%), followed by the GTX 1650 and RTX 4060 laptop GPU in third (up 1%).

As for the Lovelace desktop cards, the RTX 4090 was the best performer in November, up 0.28%, which is a little surprising given the reported shortages. It was followed by the RTX 4070 Ti (0.18% increase), and RTX 4080 (0.05%). The other RTX 4000-series cards actually lost user share.

There was better news for AMD. The RX 7900 XTX increased its user share by 0.12%, though the overall list is still dominated by Nvidia.

AMD had a good November in the processor chart. After crashing 5.61% in October and dropping below a 30% share for the first time in months, Team Red was up a whopping 8.3% in November, giving it a total share of 33.88%. It's still a long way off Intel's 66.08%, but the gap is the smallest it's ever been.

Windows 11, which had been rapidly closing in on its predecessor, fell almost 7% in October as Windows 10 jumped 7.61%. There was a massive reversal in November as the newer OS climbed 11.51% to a 42% share and Windows 10 dropped 12% to 53%. At this rate, it shouldn't be too long before Win 11 takes the lead.

Finally, English has regained the title as the most popular language on Steam after Simplified Chinese took the top spot in October, thanks to an increase of almost 14%. English was up around 9.6% in November, while Chinese fell 20%.

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Unless we see some drastic change from nVidia, I have a feeling that the 3060 will be the last 60 series card from nVidia that "makes sense" for its price/performance.

It really feels like they aren't interested in selling anything but 90 series cards. I remember when the first titan came out and people lost it when it sold for $1000.
I really doubt that Nvidia or AMD look at Steam surveys and spent sleepless night over them.

The look at their total global sales figures / broken down by countries, and act accordingly.
The swing is a bit too large for the last 2 months. I think Valve is doing some experimenting with how they gather this info.
What they really need is a monthly poll that hits every user, with an opt in option, so you can see how many users are participating in the survey every month. It would give a much more accurate survey.
I really doubt that Nvidia or AMD look at Steam surveys and spent sleepless night over them.

The look at their total global sales figures / broken down by countries, and act accordingly.
They do care since it does make the news every single month. Although, as you said, they aren't loosing sleep over it :)
"...the title as the most popular language on Steam after..."

NO... -> "the most popular [whatever you want] of the handfull of ppl who accepted to be surveyed on Steam after..."
Steam survey is as precise as political surveys, and I don't know for you, but in my country, it's almost always full BS ...