Step-by-step beginner's guide to installing Ubuntu 11.10


TS Evangelist
Thank you for taking the time to reply in my absence @ptoye and appologies to those left waiting for my responses. I have been extremely busy over the course of the last 4-6 months and have also just started a new job, so I've been unable to devote anywhere near as much time towards my pastimes as I've been able to in the past.

I have quite a few guides in the pipelines and hope to get them published as soon as time will allow. In order to help with provide those with an answer in a more timely manner, I would ask those asking me questions to tag me in the post with the @Leeky tag so I get a email notification and see your request.

I'm hoping over the coming weeks to free up more time to catch up with all the great people I've gotten to know through TechSpot, in addition to providing more OS-based tutorials.