Steve Jobs has received nearly 150 patents posthumously

By Shawn Knight
Dec 1, 2014
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  1. Steve Jobs has been described as a futurist, a visionary and a brilliant businessman. Many, however, would be surprised to learn that he was also an esteemed inventor with hundreds of patents under his belt.

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  2. trparky

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    Even in death he's screwing up innovation with excessive amounts of patents.
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  3. Uncle Al

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    The truth be known, and this one is not well hidden, Jobs took credit and filed for patients on a great many things his employee's invented. One of the suggestions to the US Patient office made many, many years ago was that a patient could not extend beyond the life of the inventor/patient holder. The concept was that the inventor/patient holder should be protected, not the corporation(s) that bought or claimed it in order to promote competition and creativity.
  4. ... so the lawyers filed patents under his "name".
    did Jobs have anything to do with the patents other than having his name associated with them?

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