Strange bad-booting problems

By Dunthorpe
Jan 22, 2008
  1. Thanks to all those who have decided to read my thread.

    About three months ago my computer(XP Home) for some reason started to display the " Windows didi not start successfully" warning upon booting -- giving the options to start the computer in several different ways. Well, most of the time i would select "Start normally" or "Last known good config", it didn't seem to matter which.

    Upon reaching the desktop, The sound XP makes when it says welcome doesn't sound off, and it hangs for about 1.5 minutes with the cursor being an hourglass -- but only when i hover it over the task bar. No programs will execute. After about 1.5 mins the "welcome" sound goes off and then my computer "seemingly" proceeds to complete the rest of its boot.

    Now, i checked the event viewer and i get:

    event id 7022
    ya da ya da
    Task Scheduler hung on startup.

    Can anyone tell me how critical this service is? I have no services dependant on it.

    Anyway, i disabled the service and the first time i rebooted "my system recovered from a serious error" --- from about six actually. The next two reboots, these "serious" errors did not occur and the computer now boots without the 1.5 min hang. However, the initial "windows did not start successfully" msg still remains.

    This leads me to believe the problem was not task schedluer but something that caused scheduler to hang and is also still responsible for the failed windows boots.

    Anyway, the strange thing about this is, is that my system suffers no crashes, errors, slow performance or even a slow or incorrect start-up, touch wood, but i still get the windows bad-startup msg upon booting.

    I cant be sure, but i seem to remember this problem arising around the same time as i first installed DAMEON TOOLS. It might not have anything to do with this but i thought the info might help.

    If there is anyone that can give me a way to fix the "windows did not start successfully" bit that would give me the peace of mind i need. Right now i have a bad feeling about it.
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595


    It sounds like you have some 3rd party program or service or driver starting with Windows,

    that is causing Windows to hang.It could be spyware or a legitimate process.

    Maybe even Daemon.

    - First go to Start/Run/type :msconfig ok /then look for the start up tab.

    Uncheck everything in there except your anti virus or firewall (if there) then restart

    the computer.

    - If that doesn`t help,do the same but with the Services tab.Make sure you

    check the "Hide all Microsoft services" checkbox then uncheck all the remaining services.

    - Other than,you could run full anti spyware scans,and uninstall Daemon,maybe.
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