Strange OS problems after partitioning

By mwaddoups
Jun 9, 2007
  1. I used a GParted LiveCD to remove a partition that I did not need anymore on my dual boot Vista and XP system, because I needed the space. Afterwards, the Vista boot menu came up, but neither OS would load - I expected this due to changes in the partition numbers, and ran a startup repair from the Vista disc. I went back to boot into Vista, and it took much longer than usual to get to the login screen. I logged in, and it hung on "Preparing the desktop" for about 10 minutes, and then presents me with a rundll32 error. Unsure where to start with trying to fix that, I went back to XP. I temporarily removed the vista bootloader as it would not load XP through that, and booted XP. When XP booted, it got to the point where the login screen would appear, showed the Windows XP logo on a blue background (below which it would usually say "Starting up..." or something) but with no text beneath. It then switched to a dark blue background with a mouse cursor, but nothing else. No response to CTRL+ALT+DEL or anything. I backed up my registry files using a BartPE disc and attempted a repair install - my mouse worked fine again, but this recognized neither any USB or PS/2 keyboards. After spending some time trying to get this to work, I restored the registry files, and the same problem occurred - this also occurs with earlier reg files backed up by system restore.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? (Also, sorry for the long and badly formatted post!)

    I really need to get XP working - I only installed Vista recently to see what it was like, so its not urgent to get that working. I don't particularly want to be forced to do a full reformat due to a keyboard problem in repair install, though that is looking like the only way out :(.


    EDIT: After leaving XP for a while, its gone back to the XP logo, and the screen flashes occasionally - no further progress. Also, if anyone is unsure what I mean by XP Logo, here is a picture of the screen:
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