Strange OS reactions

By Kserijaro
May 29, 2008
  1. Anyway I used my PC normally the whole day yesterday.I have XP SP2 and Core2Quad proccesor.What happened this morning is anygame i want to start causes windows lock up or complete freeze.For instance Earth assault only locks up,while Cabal online totally freezes widows.Also complete freeze occurs when I attach bluetooth to my front side USB port,while registering it ,it completely freezes taskbar,letting me only to refresh desktop.What is even stranger,In all other windows actions it works fine,it refreshes screen fast like always,I can play movies over Bs player,and play music over Winamp.The slow reaction happens when I press ctrl+alt+del to open taskmanager.What happens is that i see a green cube in taskbar,but time period occurs lasting around 1 minute till opening taskmanager.I am using newest avast home antivirus.So I gues this has to be a virus(or viruses).Would a complete scan Of drive C help couz reinstaling my Xp would be murder hance I havent got all things i need.Thank you in advance!
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    I'm not sure what you're describing- it could be a heat issue or a memory issue with the games. I suggest you do the following:

    1. Disc Cleanup
    2. Error Check, checking both boxes in screen that comes up, reboot, let finish. Computer will reboot when through.
    3. Defrag.
    4. Run full system scan with antivirus program and at least 2 spyware/adware programs.

    Come back with results. Please include whether system is laptop or desktop and how much installed RAM you have.
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    Dude,thank you for help but my knowledge exptertise managed to isolate virus trace in a day.I fixed my PC.Out of 14 installed gamed only 3 were allowed to run,because their executing sistem was different from the rest.The strange thing was that Control panel and system restore were unaccessible too.Therefore my original plan was to restore a Pc to earlier time.It failed.Using latest Avast antivirus protection I let him deep scan OS patation.As For ram I got 2 Gb of ram+2 Gb virtual memory.And my temperatures were all normal.After scan from 2 different antiviral softvare I got 8 virus finds.I deleted them all.But it didnt help me.Then in start up I found a kernel debuger in root that is not one from Windows.Scaning that debugger didnt show no virus.I had to wait.I realised it that malware activates when my Pc locks up,so i firced 3 lock ups to make time for already slowed down avast to notcie malware intrusion.After explorer shut down,avast reported kernel has Malware dropper type of virus.Selecting DELETE imediately restored system speed,explorer,task manager is again instant,and control panel and restore work fine!all those who have similar problem refer to this way to fixing.Thank you Tech Spot!
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    Glad you worked it out. Please understand that we can only work with the information we're given.
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