Strange Problem, Win XP cant find Drives OR Directories at Start up for about 5 mins

By Toast0r
May 14, 2004
  1. :blackeye:
    On Win XP service pack 1... When windows starts up I go to my computer, I get that searching flash light for about 5 minutes. It cant find my C: or other drive directories and any other icon you see when you open my computer.

    The same thing happens for the first 5 minutes or so from start up... it just freezes if I go to "run, then browse (under look in) ' and when i go to Control Panel and look for local directeries in the explorer bar... it don't work.

    I thought the problem started after I reinstalled some drivers but I dont think that might be the problems because I went into system recovery and its the same. I did a virus scan a nothing.

    Does anyone know why at the first 5 minutes of start up I cant view any of my directories from my computer or explorer bar? Is this a known problem? Everything else works fine.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Just as a simple rough guess before others that might have a better idea show up. Once you are able to do some stuff go to start -> run -> msconfig and check out what is starting up with your computer. Have a look through there and see if there is anything you aren't expecting. You could even go as far as unchecking them all, and then starting up, it may start up fine then - in which case enable a few at a time (you should really do 1 at a time, but nobody wants to sit through 20 reboots just to find out its something on the 24th reboot you could have found earlier if you'd enabled 5 at a time or so).
  3. Toast0r

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    I tried msconfig before I posted...
    I turned off the computer for a few hours and just got back on. For whatever reason everything is working okay! :grinthumb. I rebooted numerous times before and it was still messed up.. Strange, I didnt know turning the computer off helps heheh.

    Perhaps its my internal boo-joorah toast0r force.:darth:
  4. SNGX1275

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    lol, well at least it fixed it. I've heard of things being fixed by a complete shut down before, but those aren't OS type problems.
    Anyway, good its worked out.
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