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By lcdunique
May 28, 2006
  1. hello all hopefully you can help me solve my strange computer problem. first I have emachine w2646 2.60 ghz 40gb harddrive 512mb ram. phoenix bios imperial motherbother machine.. had it for around 2 years.

    Ok first it starts not starting on consistent basis I ran my virus checker checked the registery,did an adaware scan, and finally did a format,after nothing was solved. so I figured I had a clean machine things should be normal no. the computer still would not start on constant basis and then it just stopped starting at all so I replaced the power supply and it went back to start on a nonconsistant basis, and then the error popped up saying my cmos battery is bad and the time is wrong when i can start it. because I brought a cheap power supply I am thinking of buying a different one, because it was an open box number but i was assured that it was working fine. one day because I had a problem with this I left the computer on for awhile next thing i know a few hours later it just shutsdown on its own an. First I would like to know what you guys think of the problem, and then do you think it would be a good ideal to try to get the cmos battery and a different powersupply and try that or is my mobo shot to hell... also can anyone tell me where i can find out info about my onboard battery without taking it out I can see it very well because its all the very bottom of the board, if i did replace it i don twant to take it out until i get a new

    thanks to anyone that can help
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Your bios battery is probably a cr2032.
    Its extremely unlikely that is the cause of your problems.
    Is there a lot of dust inside your pc? Dust causes heat build up which can cause the problem you describe!!
    Bad ram can also cause the problem!!
    It can also be caused by mobo or processor faults too.
  3. lcdunique

    lcdunique TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Still no resolve

    My computer is pretty clean inside I dust pretty often, my ram I did replace several months back but never had a problem with when I put it in or anything. I went ahead and got a new power supply to check that theory, but the problem is not solved in the front of the machine is a big E a green light circles that light, and that light comes on but no fans come on on the power supply or the processor. I also got the battery I needed just in case , neither where very expensive . I guess I will try to take the ram out and put one in at a time, one is the original that came with the machine and the other is not so perhaps with just one in the problem might clear up. Anyone that can help it would be greatly apperciated.
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