'Streamer' and 'eSports' banned in France along with other English gaming terms


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Check out what Quebec is doing in Canada right now in regards to their precious language.

It's funny, because I remember friends and colleagues from Quebec telling me that French people considered Quebecois French a guttural dialect and refused to speak French to them, and spoke English instead.

Really, all this nationalist pish needs to die


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It's a nice try, but the same thing happened a few years ago when they "banned" the word hashtag and created a French language equivalent.

Didn't work. I was in France 3 weeks ago and the several TV ads used "hashtag". I understand the reasoning but it won't make any difference.

Compare that to German - they basically assimilate the English for everything, so when I studied the language the section on media and tech, it was the English word.
Wish Britain would do the same- too many americanisms entering OUR language perhaps we should ban McDonalds, Burger King and Five Guys, Too ?


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Well bully for them. I never liked French when I was forced to take it. Charles de Gaulle was not a favorite son of Ike either.


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This is the French, being French and protecting what it is to be French. This has been a long time coming and should be a surprise to no one.