Stuck at XP loading screen

By jlvn
Aug 27, 2009
  1. Okay so i bought thiscomputer about a month ago.

    i7 920 proccesor
    430w PSU
    seagate 500g HDD
    3g ddr3 ram
    ati radeon 3400 series

    when I first had it it was fine for about 2 days before it just reset overnight by itself and wouldnt boot up again. I have reformatted xp pro about 6 times now, everytime I do it works for about 2 days before the computer restarts and get stuck at the xploading screen. If i let it load long enough there is a ticking sound coming from inside the desktop. No other boot up modes work (safe mode, last config, etc.). I was thinking it could either be the HDD or maybe my copy of xp.
  2. Kaorichan2002

    Kaorichan2002 TS Rookie Posts: 88

    ticking sound? Sounds like a bad hard drive... I only ever had that happen to me on vista (thats why i dont wanna use it on the main computer)
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