Build a PC Stuck In Loop At Boot Up

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My pc (Cyberpower i7 Andromeda Infinity, Vista64) seems to be stuck in some sort of loop at start up. Since rebooting my pc this afternoon the following happens:

Starts with the normal small message...

'NVIDIA Geforce....etc' (Can never catch what it says. Its too quick and is partially obscured by a monitor pop up (Which is normal. Also mentions VGA bios)

Then a new black screen with...

'Award Bootblock V1.0
Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software. inc

Scanning Bios image in hard drive...' Whilst also attempting to access the DVD drive (green light is on).

Then it restarts and goes through the process again.

This goes on until i hold down the power button and turn it off (which makes me cringe!).

Checked inside the casing and everything's still connected as far as i can tell.

Been searching around and apparently this seems to be something to do with the BIOS and is a common problem with GIGABYTE motherboards, which i have.

Sorry if the info I'm giving is a bit vague, but this is totally new to me. Posted on the Cyberpower forums but so far no replies. Any ideas?


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Turn off automatically reboot on error in Control Panel, System, Advanced Options. You probably have a hardware driver gone wrong


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have you tried to reset the BIOS .....that is removing the CMOS battery and leaving the compute without power for a few minutes?


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Can't get into the system to disable anything, but i've just pulled the battery. Seems to have worked for a few others with the same problem. Fingers crossed.

Update: Still no luck. I left the battery out for over an hour just to make sure. Now i'm just getting a black screen with no message at all whilst the tower boots up and shuts down in an endless cycle. I might just have made it worse, lol. Looks like i might have to send it back to cyberpower for fixing (and possibly a new motherboard?)


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I second TMagic for that One change that will help a lot... go to Start->System or System Properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery->System Failure and uncheck the box for Automatic Restart.
Once it does not automatically restart, you should get helpful error messages that will get you closer to a solution.
You will still have work to do, but this will get you on a level playing field.


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Tried tapping the F8 key continuously after pressing the power button, but still getting no joy. Since taking the BIOS battery out for an hour yesterday i'm not getting any display on the monitor whatsoever (it stays in standby mode).

Everything's definitely plugged in the right places. Did find a loose brass bolt lodged between the video card and the mobo though! Really appreciate the help from everyone. Getting a lot more of a response here than i am on the site i bought the pc off.
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