Superuser prompt on Linux Mint temporarily hangs machine


TS Guru
There are a few types of superuser elevation prompts that appear and I apologise for not knowing their proper names. All of them appear and operated as directed EXCEPT the one that appears with the darkened desktop which hangs my machine for well over a minute before the prompt appears and everything runs as normal. By 'hangs' the loading circle goes into slow motion and the mouse is still active but nothing can be clicked on or interacted with. The "Authenticate" elevation dialogue appears exactly as designed, and any sudo commands in terminal operates as it should, but the other prompt will hang the machine every time.

And interesting example: If I go into the menu and click on Synaptic the Authenticate dialogue will appear straight away and the program operates as normal. But if I run gksudo synaptic it sends my machine into one minute limbo.

I did a fresh reinstall of the distro to the same effect.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…