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Feb 3, 2006
  1. Hey, i bought some cambridge 4.1 surround sound speakers and a creative Extigy and ive i had them linked up for bout 1 month and i was just picking my pen up and notcied there was no sound coming from the rear to speakers and they are all plugged into the back of my sub and they used to work ok, and now they dont, i have been into sound settings and made sure it was on quadrophonic setting, but nothing...helpppp plzzz
  2. seanp789

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    Thats not much detail to go by.

    Double check, physical connections as well as driver settings. With creative cards you will have to use the CMSS feature to artifically expand stereo sound even if in the windows control panel you have a 4 speaker setup selected.
  3. Cypher2006

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    lol fixed.....yeah i dont normally have that CMSS feature on, what does it actually what i notice is it makes the sound seem quieter than without
  4. seanp789

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    CMSS is part of Creative's DSP (digital signal processor) ability. So for a 2 channel
    (stereo) signal such as music it will route the signal so that it it will play into all 2 channels. It does alter the signal so its not exactly the same and may sound different. Such as making your subwoofer louder or removing certain sounds form the front speakers and moving them to the back speakers only. Creative doesnt document any technical details on how CMSS works they just made it an option for people that want to use all of their speakers. I would say if it sounds better to you then use it. If not, skip it.
  5. Cypher2006

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    ok thanks man, for the help
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