svchost.exe problem

By gladysmae08
May 14, 2007
  1. My PC is running very slowly. I am running windows xp home edition with 512 mb of ram. But it is running very slow. When i look at the task manger under the processes tab, i got 6 svchosts running and one of them uses 99 percent of CPU usage and above 100,000K of memory. It really makes my computer work so slow and it takes me too long to open a program. What i do is to end the process svchost so that i can use my pc but this is only temporary. What can i do to stop them? Is this a sign of a virus or something?
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    When you first posted this, I had he same problem on my Laptop and desktop, here is how to fix it....

    Reboot, as soon as you can ctrl-alt-del do so to pull up the task manager, this is your key to winning the battle,

    Go to control panel and shut off automatic updates.

    open IE and run Windows update, select high priority and go get a coke or pepsi, watch a show on TV, it will go crazy, the CPU will go to 100% for about 10min, so your system better have great cooling!

    After it is finally done finding them, install, and you should be ok to go.

    I think this problem comes up when to many updates come in and Auto updater freaks out.
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