Swapped out ATI video card, now can't access cd or cdrw drives

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Dec 13, 2004
  1. I'm running Windows 2K. I swapped out an ATI Raedon card and put my old Creative Annihilator2 back in. I removed the ATI software in the control panel add/remove programs. When I re-booted and was going to install the drivers from the cd, I was unable to access neither the cd nor the cdrw. Booted up in safe mode and was able to access both drives. Booted back up in normal mode, put in an audio cd, and can access them with MMJB only if I click on cd player, not going to the drive in my computer. I also am able to write to the burner. I've checked for conflicts in the device manager, and found none. I removed all ATI folders to no avail. I either disabled anything ATI or removed them from the registry. I really want to avoid a reformat, but if that's what it takes....

    Any ideas out there?
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    When I first started using 2000 I was always having problems like that. The CD drives would stop working or they would disappear from device manager. Tech support for the CDRW sent me a program that updates the ASPI. Havent had any problems since. Its only 533k if you want me to email it to you. Also had alot of problems with ATI drivers wrecking the OS. That was when I was using a Rage Fury.
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    the other thng u can do is 2 uninstall those cd drive in device manager then restart it will auto detect.bcoz that means the drivers were corrupted & sys files were uninstal bcoz of dependences.Try that out first.R
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    Look at the date of this thread. ;)

    Regards Howard :)
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