Swat - 4 (Gold Edition) Strange Problem Installing

By XthGambit
Jan 31, 2010
  1. Hello everyone, first off I'd like to say that I'm rather new to this site, and I've been having a problem for the past couple of weeks with the installation of a particular game. The game in question, being Swat - 4 (Gold Edition). Prior to my current computer, I was running a rig with Windows XP, now that I have one with Vista... My problem has been a rather difficult one, to which endless hours on Google have not helped me. A while back I purchased a copy of Swat - 4 (Gold Edition) Via Gamestop.com, for immediate download. It worked fine on my XP computer, but that one pretty much died on me. Now that I've re-downloaded it here onto my Vista machine, it installed completely but when it's 'finalizing' the installation all I get is a screen that lasts forever. It doesn't proceed, nor can I do anything to force it to proceed. Does anyone know a fix for this? (I would include a screenshot of the exact window that I'm stuck on, but since I've only just registered, I'm not allowed to post links or images yet.)

    Update: I've tried completely uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling it, but no luck. It still gets stuck at the same screen.
  2. ak47gman01

    ak47gman01 TS Rookie

    make sure you know your system compadibilitys and requirements for game. I Had swat 3 on my windows xp and then i installed on vista and it didnt work because some vista pc's are diffrent
  3. XthGambit

    XthGambit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm well aware of the requirements and the compatibility for the game... And the computer itself is more than capable of running the game, it just won't go past a certain screen. If there was a compatibility issue, the game wouldn't really install properly to begin with.
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