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Jan 9, 2007
  1. i built my last system 4 years ago (back when the 3000+ a64 was rare hot stuff)

    my buddy just had me order him a core duo system, so i have a few questions

    i got him a sata drive 3.0 gbs and intel board to support it, what driver would i need ( do they come from western digital or intel)

    i think i heard that the core duo chips are unlike my a64 chip because the pins are on the motherboard, is this true ?( does that make installation foolproof? not that im an ***** that would bend a pin)

    also i made sure i got 1.9v timed ram for the e6400 cause its very picky. it was corsair ddr2 800 1 gig dual channel

    i got an x800 radeon 256, best bang for the buck

    any tips so the build goes as smooth as possible would be great

    it wont be here till friday, so ill have time to study lol
  2. Grafficks

    Grafficks TS Rookie Posts: 302

    You don't need SATA Drivers to use your hard drive (is that what you were asking??). Hard Drive Drivers are provided by the Windows OS, just like they are with Optical Drives.

    For any socket LGA775 CPU, there are no pins on the Processor, they are on the motherboard.
    Everything involving installation is foolproof nowadays. You can only plug it in right, or else you can't plug it in at all (unless you're reallyyy strong). There's only one way it fits so it's hard to get it wrong.

    Hope I helped, and good luck with that build.
  3. Jesse_hz

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    Um, "1.9v" is the voltage the RAM requires and not the timings.
  4. onesmartidiot

    onesmartidiot TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 95

    theres only 3 different "timings" of ram thats 1.9v, thats why these dual core intels say 1.9v ram because the sticks in that range are pretty much all the same timings. when i ask a question about timing and voltage, ill let you know. i was asking mainly about the sata drivers and the core 2 duo install, which was already answered


    i was just asking because ive always heard sata hard drives were very different than ide drives on installation. but it sounds like they are as plug n play as the ide drives. thanks
  5. venger417

    venger417 TS Rookie

    my understanding of the sata drivers is that you must create a driver disk from (usually) the motherboard cd then press f6 when prompted at the beginning of the OS install to install them. normally the instructions for making the bootdisk talks about RAID but ive heard that the sata driver is included in that and is needed other wise the drive will default to IDE mode and run slowerin windows. icould be wrong...
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