Switches with 2 10/100 Hubs

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Apr 8, 2005
  1. would connecting 2 12port hubs (10/100) to a switch 5 port split the hubs to a 50mbps connection?
  2. Nodsu

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    Depends on what kind of traffic it will be.

    If both hubs want to talk to the same device attached to the switch all the time then you will get 50Mbit per hub on average.

    Assuming your network looks like this:

    switch - uplink

    If both hubs want to talk to the uplink all the time then on average the speed per hub will be less than 50Mbps. If the hubs want to talk to each other for example then the speed between them will be 100Mbit.
  3. mokaboy

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    sorry im gonna change my question here,

    im thinking of hosting a lan event and all is sorted apart from the hubs, i need to know what i need if im going to run 2 servers playing the latest games.

    for a 20-22 man lan

    shall i

    1) connect the servers to a switch then connect 2, 12 port hubs 10/100 to them and have the comptuers all connect to these

    2) connect the servers directly to a 24 port hub 10/100 and have the computers connect to that

    3) buy a 4 port gigabyte switch :( and have 2 10/100 hubs 12 port connect to it plus the 2 servers?

    what would run fine for games like css, cod, bf, bfv, hl2 etc??? and how much of a benifit would i see with the gigabit switch do and can u explain how it would all go through cause as u can see to my orginal question im not too good with all this :slurp:
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    You shouldn't have any problems with plugging all the machines into one hub.

    A switch isn't necessarily faster than a hub. The logic built into a switch introduces some latency.

    In any case i've had LAN parties with 8 to 10 people plugged into a single 12 port. We didn't have a dedicated server though, so I don't know how that will play into things.

    Edit: I just wanted to say that I've had nothing but problems playing HL2 DM LAN. There are plenty of write ups about it, but I can't get it to work anyway.

    About the GB switches, they are nice but everyone will have to have GB nics. The ports on a GB switch pipe to match the nic plugged into it. So a 1000mbps port when plugged into a 100mbps nic becomes a 100mbps port. Does that make sense?

    Hope this helps.
  5. mokaboy

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    i got you but i was thinking say i had a gigabit switch 5 port with 2 10/100 hubs attached and 2 servers with nic gigabit cards, would the hubs be running at 100mbps each instead of if i had a 10/100 switch and ran two into it. Im saying this because if i had 1 hub contolling 12 at 100mbps and another doing the same they would all have about 8mbps bandwidth instead of 4mbps if they were running in the 10/100

    i have not explained that well hope you can understand how i think it works ? :darth:
  6. Nodsu

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    This depends on the switch you have.
    If you have a good switch with cut-through packet switching then put the servers to the switch and clients to the hubs. It would be nice if all the people connecting to server A would be on one hub and all the people connecting to server B would be on the other.

    If you have an El Cheapo (TM) switch then you get more latency than using only a hub. Under heavy load the switch will perform better in all scenarios though.

    A gigabit switch won't help much since the hubs will be the bottleneck.
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