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Mar 15, 2007
  1. If I were to take the hard drive out of my computer tower I'm using now and put it in my other computer tower, would it load up with Windows XP (whichis what I have set up) on the new tower or would I need anything else? Thanks for all help.
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    well assuming this is the primary hdd it would boot with xp, yet if your putting it in another system, the mobos are different and graphics are different, sound is different so on and so forth, so all your drivers would be different and wouldnt work... i would recommend a clean install of xp.
  3. Tedster

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    NO. You cannot use XP on a different system. Windows XP is licensed for only 1 motherboard (system) at a time and configures itself as such. You will need to reformat, reinstall, and re-license your XP.
  4. yungmain23

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    how would i go about uninstalling it from the old tower and reinstalling it into the new one?
  5. Tedster

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    copy whatever programs and files you need off the hd onto another hd or media.

    remove the old hard drive from the tower, put it in new system. If it is the primary drive, ensure it is set for master.

    Then grab your XP CD, put it in your CD rom. ensure your BIOS is set for boot off of CD rom first.

    Boot windows install. Format your old hard drive and re-install windows on it. You will need to register your XP again. Bear in mind, you can only use XP ONLY on 1 system. Trying to install a second time will require a phone call to Microsoft to get a new key and proof that you don't have it on more than 1 system.
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