By PurpleJimbo
Dec 11, 2004
  1. Hi there,
    Im currently doing a laptop rebuild, based on an Blockbuster 9600 laptop. I am about to buy a new LCD panel and my research has told me that this laptop originaly had an SXGA screen - I'm unsure what make or model but that shouldnt matter (right?). I understand that both SXGA and UXGA type panels use similar (or the same) 30pin video-in port. Can I fit a UXGA screen to a laptop originaly built with with an SXGA screen, and will it matter what make/model screen I buy so long as the cables fit?
    If the GPU matters, its an Radeon Mobility 9600 and when plugged into a moniter it supports very high res.

    Thanks for any help, since I do not know **** all about laptop screens!
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