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Sylvania mp3 players help

By Gourry25 ยท 62 replies
Apr 30, 2007
  1. justme777

    justme777 TS Rookie

    Hi. I seem to be having the same problem as a few other members...I have a 2 GB Sylvania SMP2012 and have only 141 songs on it with 1.1 GB free, and it's not letting me put anything else on. I am using UBUNTU OS and there are no Format options within the player - it's just selecting files and deleting; emptying trash.
    Any suggestions? besides throwing the thing in the garbage :)
  2. brokentoy

    brokentoy TS Rookie

    black screen

    i have a sylvania smpk 1072 1 GB video mp3. The screen turned black and won't light up. What do i do? You can tell the power is on because ithas a very slight glow.
  3. cfrfan

    cfrfan TS Rookie

    Can't add songs

    I just bought a Sylvania 4GB sport player and I can't seem to add more songs to it. PLEASE HELP
  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    How many songs have you put on it? What program are you using to put the songs on the MP3 Player?
  5. cfrfan

    cfrfan TS Rookie

    I originally put 193 songs on it I currently have 201 but the new ones it would only let me drag and drop. I am using Windows media player 11
  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    In Media Player 11, have you created playlists? If you can only drag & drop now, how were you adding the older files?
  7. Pack4life

    Pack4life TS Rookie

    I have had my Video MP3 for a little while now and I can't figure out what format the Videos have to be, my model is SMPK1072, I lost the manual the day after I got it
  8. slip

    slip TS Rookie

    I got this new MP3 player for Christmas and I synced songs onto it with media player but when I disconnect it from the computer the songs won't play and it won't charge. If I disconnect it, it won't do anything. Please help!!!
  9. decoratordale

    decoratordale TS Rookie

    MP3 player problems

    I am new to this so hopefully this is the correct place to ask a question.

    I bought 12 Sylvania mp3 players to use at a museum. I have managed to upload what I wanted from my IMac. But I have had it plugged into the usb port for the past 2 days and the red charging light is still on. This has happened to one other player as well. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks so much.
  10. Thanatos606

    Thanatos606 TS Rookie

    I got this 4 GB Sylvania player for Christmas and it almost worked perfectly. I'm just having a small problem with the videos. The videos themselves work, but the center of the screen where the loading bar was is lagging behind the rest of the video. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. vova

    vova TS Rookie

    i have suggestion take it back and refund your money,i did it and im happy.when you want buy some thing buy the best name.good luck.
  12. Bradells

    Bradells TS Rookie

    This forum is extremly old, hope someone can still help, but...

    Ok so my girlfriend got this mp3 from her aunt, and my gf knows nothing of computers xD

    so she wiped it, and now it wont even turn on, I formatted it, but it won't turn on regardless, I've searched google high and low for a solution and nothing it's SMPS4018-4GB Sport

    And so it won't turn on and I'm hoping someone can help.
  13. Bradells

    Bradells TS Rookie

    Nevermind got it, the battery coil was bent.
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