Symantec AntiVirus vs Symantec Endpoint Protection

By needhelpinnz
Jul 24, 2009
  1. My university gives us this software for free, but this semester Symantec seems to have updated for the newest class. I currently have AntiVirus v 10.1.5 but have the option to uninstall it and download what they are now offering, which is Symantec Endpoint Protection.

    SEP seems to come with antivirus, spyware, and what look like their version of a firewall. I'm a poor college kid, so I've always tried to go with whatever was most effective while still being free. My current setup:
    -Symantec AntiVirus
    -COMODO Firewall
    -Spybot (with TeaTimer...)
    -Cleanup! and CCleaner

    Not sure if this is the best free setup or not (I've heard Symantec is lots of bloatware and Avast might even be a better option...), so if you have any opinions please weigh in.

    My big question at the end of the day is should I uninstall S. Antivirus and then download SEP or should I just stick with what I have?
  2. captaincranky

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    Investigate "Avira" AV, there's a free edition, for us poor folks!

    Download this; to completely remove the Norton first.

    Something else to check out; There's a free version of this too.

    Also, Spybot's "Tea Timer" is a resource hog. It's memory usage on my machine is near 90MB. I use it also, just thought you'd like to know.
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