"symantec email proxy" MESSAGE ERROR

By Jimlivin
Dec 27, 2005
  1. when i boot up my computer i keep getting the message "symatec email proxy"
    i have mcafee personal firewall and norton antivirus. apparently mcafee is blocking access to the file name "CCAPP.EXE", applic name "Common Client User Session". should i unlock their access, or what do you think is causing the message?
  2. jobeard

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    CCAPP.EXE will need access both in/out bound, ports 25,110, & 143
  3. Redsolitaire

    Redsolitaire TS Rookie

    Jim, if you do a search for your subject line, you'll find a number of posts complaining about the same problem. FWIW and IMO the problem is a virus called Proxy-Agent.aj. My Symantec (updated yesterday) virus scan did not find the virus. I uninstalled Symantec and loaded McAfee's Internet Security Suite 2006. I updated the McAfee virus scan program (important, because the product is sold with an outdated version... the most current is DAT 4660). When I ran the McAfee virus scan, it popped up this virus (and one other) that Norton's Symantec had missed. Problem solved... no more email proxy warnings. BTW, Norton might have updated their virus scan by today, so before you spend $$ for new security software, try updating and running your Symantec. But, if that does NOT pop up Proxy-Agent.aj, I'd try some new software (like McAfee if you like that one). I have no interest or connection with McAfee, but it worked for me. No more insane, spam emails going out from my PC! :hotbounce
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