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symantec email proxy

By mole ยท 33 replies
Nov 10, 2004
  1. hi all
    i have installed norton and i keep getting email errors every 3 seconds or so.
    the images below are examples:

    1) [​IMG]

    (if u cant see the image above, the image is available here)

    2) [​IMG]

    (if u cant see the image above, the image is available here)

    im not even sending any emails, and ive never heard of those email addresses.

    ive tried:
    • going into norton antivirus options and unchecking all the "scan email" boxes
    • running live update

    ... but i still have the problem.

    anybody know wat can be causing these errors? please explain how to get rid of this problem if u know.

    thanks :)
  2. Matthias78

    Matthias78 TS Rookie

    Symantec email proxy too

    Hi, has anyone helped you out with this problem, or have you found a solution? I have run into the exact same thing, and I'm getting nowhere in my internet search for solutions. Please let me know if you have solved this problem, or have found anywhere online or otherwise a possible fix.

  3. mole

    mole TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    nah i still havent found a solution m8. sorry.
    but wat i have done is uninstalled norton internet security for a while until i find out how to fix the problem.
  4. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,070

    Have you guys run complete up to date scans with Antivirus,SpyBot Adaware, HijackThis ,etc.
    If you are not sending email and getting these ,I would think trojan or Hi-jack attempt. Remember Symantec gets a lot of attacks just because they are the big kid.
  5. Lennartist

    Lennartist TS Rookie

    Help me out as well

    I've got the same prob. Drives me crazy. For now I shut down ccapp.exe.

    If you know what this is please post it on this Thread. My system is really f*cked up! :hotouch:

    Thnx in advance.
  6. Jan

    Jan TS Rookie


    I have the same problem too. "The Symantec" solution does NOT work. I've been fighting this for abot 3 weeks. As far as I know I have NO VIRUSES. I use Norton, AVG, Spybot,Web-Root and Stop-Zilla. I've tried HiJack This and Trend -Micro too,all to no avail. Good luck. If I find a solution I'll post it!
  7. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,070

    All of you guys go to this post it covers many bugs.But follow the instructions carefully .
    At the very least you will get you issues down to a specific item then post back with your results.


    Worst case , back-up data ,Format your drive and do a clean reload.
  8. Lennartist

    Lennartist TS Rookie


    NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE! See post 18/01/05

    I'm clean now. Installed McAffee and it found about 6 virusses (trojans and adware) and 4 spywares. Many were located in C:\Documents and Settings\(USER)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

    Clean this dir completely.

    Also check for the FILE hosts in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ without extension. It is a trojan.

    Finally, look for csmrs.exe. Thisis a trojan. I think this one was related to the norton spam. It was in the Registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]

    so delete the related file after stopping the service.
  9. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,452

    The HOSTS file is NOT a trojan.
    You can use it to stop external websites from doing any activities on your PC, by directing them to your own internal IP, which does absolutely nothing.

    So, if you don't like the ads from e.g website "www.dash.com" you add an entry like www.dash.com
    into your HOSTS file.
    Mine has thousands of entries, and I surf virtually adfree.
    I get a new HOSTS file regularly from:
    where you can read all about it.
  10. Phillip W

    Phillip W TS Rookie

    As I see it... The error error 554 HVU:B1

    AOL is blocking all EMAIL from your IP address because..
    their customers have complained about spamm from that IP address.

    a) You have a virus or are running a program that is E-Mailing to AOL customers. But its being blocked.

    b) The IP address your system has been assigned (DHCP most likely), somebody from your ISP has the problem causing it to be blocked

    The URL For the AOL error message : 554hvub1.html
    Is from the AOL E-MAIL SMTP server that is returning a denied message and that is the error AOL gave..

    Other SMTP servers may give similar results.

    The above Postmaster URL states:
    Error 554 HVU:B1


    There is at least one URL in your E-Mail that is generating substantial complaints from AOL members.


    If you own all the domains linked to in your E-Mail, please contact us to discuss more effective management of your complaint levels. You can start by setting up a free complaint loop through this form. This will allow you to receive AOL member complaints against your domain.

    If you do not own the domain, please have the owner of that domain contact us.
  11. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,452

    Mole, get another email-address, such as GMAIL.

    Uninstall Norton and get the latest version of AOL, it includes/will include a full free McAfee, so who needs Norton?
    Or get another non-AOL ISP.
  12. rkrent

    rkrent TS Rookie

    Email Proxy

    Symantec has issued a realse that sttes they will have fix today 12?10?04
  13. bob55124

    bob55124 TS Rookie

    Norton Internet Security 2005 Update breaks it!

    Every since Symantec applied an update to Norton Internet Security 2005 this morning, I could not access the internet without first disabling Norton Internet Security. Checking the Symantec Support site told me that contacting Symantec about the problem would cost $29.95. They created the problem with today's update and I have to pay them $29.95 to let them know about it? I don't think so!

    I finally uninstalled Norton Internet Security and installed Zone Alarm. At this point in time I wonder why I ever switched from Zone Alarm Pro to Norton Internet Security. Does anyone know What is going on?
  14. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly TS Rookie

    Same problem last night; Win2K pro. Don't use Outlook, only active email
    is an anonymous free mailbox. Don't use IM of any kind; kept getting mass mailings in, and mass error reports of failed mailing out to bogus addresses with bogus topics.

    Found this thread; not much help here, so I wanted to post this after I found this info. Another forum talked about deleting a process: ccApp.exe. I did, and the messages all stopped immediately. Googled ccApp.exe, and found Symantec post explaining it runs if AutoProtect and Email Scanning are enabled. Since I don't need email scanning, I just turned scanning off and left Auto Protect running.

    No more problems. Don't claim this is a permanent solution, but it drained the swamp and I don't see anymore of those particular alligators.
  15. Tomkins

    Tomkins TS Rookie

    Hi all,
    I had the very same problem regarding Symantec email proxy messages. I seemed to have solved it simply by uninstalling Norton internet security 2005 and activating my windows xp firewall instead.

    I intend to complain to Norton about this and hope others do too!

  16. Warlock

    Warlock TS Rookie

    Help plz

    i have the same problemm i have infected by A Perfect Keylogger:
    "PKwb.dll, pk.bin ,PK.exe,PKhk.dll" these files i think they are the spyware
    but i can't delete them (shift+del)
    what can i do?
  17. Lennartist

    Lennartist TS Rookie

    Problems solved

    "simply by uninstalling Norton internet security 2005 and activating my windows xp firewall instead."

    Windows XP Firewall is even worse! Please consider yourself to install another firewall f.e. Zone Alarm. And what about the virusscan?


    After uninstalling and getting McAfee I still had many problems. I reinstalled Norton Security 2005 and the problems started again. :suspiciou

    This is what in my opinion caused the problem after I had a look at the Norton Internet Security Stats (open port to serv.gigaset.org):

    lsvchost.exe installed in your windows/system32 or windows/ folder is a Trojan.Webus.D and is bizar enough not detected by Norton nor McAfee :hotouch: . In my case it was installed in the windows/system32/ folder.

    Just delete this file and the problems will be over. In my case after all!

    Doubts? Check http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/trojan.webus.d.html
    Weird that it won't detect this Trojan, since it is included in the Virus definitions.

    Doesn't solve the problem? Use the connection stats to look for all weird open connections.
  18. Tomkins

    Tomkins TS Rookie

    "Windows XP Firewall is even worse!"

    What makes you say that, Lennartist?
    I do not use any virus checker either at the moment. I have not had any trouble since uninstalling Norton.

    I did a search for lsvchost.exe and it came up with 2 folders: lsvchost ....C:\Windows\system

    Should I delete both of these? What say you?
  19. Lennartist

    Lennartist TS Rookie

    Re: Tomkins

    Not having a virusscan these days sounds rather dumb to me. The XP Firewall is known to be buggy. I suggest you get at least a decent pair of these. Brand will be another discussion and is off topic.

    Definitely...both these files are the ones I am talking about. Don't mistake with svchost.exe though!!!! This is a system file (at least if it's in the right location)
  20. Tomkins

    Tomkins TS Rookie

    Lennartist, thanks for the advise.
    I was able to delete the LSVCHOST.EXE-2B....C:\Windows\Prefetch but not the lsvchost ....C:\Windows\system.

    When I try to delete, I get the message "Cannot delete this file. Access is denied. Make sure the disc is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use"

    Not sure what to do?
  21. Lennartist

    Lennartist TS Rookie

    CTRL+ALT+DEL to activate the Windows Task Manager. Open the Services tab, search for the file lsvchost.exe and End process. Now delete the file. Furthermore follow these steps:

    Click Start > Run.
    Type regedit
    Then click OK.

    Navigate to the key:

    In the right pane, delete the value:

    Exit the Registry Editor.

    Now you should be clean from this trojan. Good luck!
  22. limliqin

    limliqin TS Rookie

    Thanks too~

    Cuz I've encountered the same virus~
  23. Tomkins

    Tomkins TS Rookie

    Yes, I was able to successfully delete it, not that I was aware of any problems it was causing, but thanks nevertheless.
  24. oldergamer

    oldergamer TS Rookie

    Norton Error

    Since I did my update data night before last I encounter the same message. I looked for the file in Windows Task Manager but it is NOT there. In fact I have the error up in front of me now and it says SYMANTEC EMAIL PROXY " An encrypete email connection has been detected. At the bottom left it has 1003. 15 which I did a search on GOOGLE and drew a blank.

    I rean Ad-Aware, Norton Anti Virus, and XoftSpy but all came up clean. I do believe it is a trojan but it must have come from Norton themselves eh ?

    Any help appreciated as it is VERY ennoying and I refuse to pay $29.95 for support. :)
  25. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,452

    I don't understand why you people insist on living with the inadequacies of that Norton bloatware.
    Get rid of it, or better, don't buy it anymore and tell your fiends not to buy it either.
    Sooner or later Symantec will get the message that their programs are junk.

    Uninstall it and replace with the free AVG from http://free.grisoft.com
    AVG catches more than Norton, so why put up with Norton's crap?
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