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Mar 30, 2007
  1. I currently have Symantec Ghost 8.2 installed on a server in the office. By boss has been using these floppy disks to image and re-image machines along with an older version of Ghost until I upgrade the machine to 8.2 to provide for network ghost casting. However, I seem to have a slight problem concerning about 100 new machines we will be getting from Dell in June. Working at a University we use Novell Zenworks for security logons and all of these machines will need to be formatted with our University OS. What is the easiest way to go about getting these machines imaged? Tell me there is one easier than going around to each machine with floppy.....
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    I do know that ghost will allow you to save ghost files to any type of media.
    You may need to create folders on a rewriteable DVD or portable hard drive for each machine for each ghost image. try that.
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    Upgrade Operating System Using Symantec Ghost Console

    Can I upgrade my current Windows XP Professional SP2 workstation to Microsoft Vista using Symantec Ghost Console.
    Currently Symantec is deploying a clean copy of vista on my workstation. How do I use the Upgrade OS option available in Vista installation.

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    Tedster, thanks for the response. these machines will all be of the same make/model as well as being used for the same purpose, lab machines. so I will format one of them with our OS and then dump that image back onto our server. So one image for 100 computers. So if I put this image on a DVD I'm still confused about how the other 99 machines that have the Dell OEM operating system will be able to contact the ghost session on our server? I hope that clarifys better. how will computers that aren't fully setup yet because they contain the Dell OS going to be able to communicate with my server without going around to each machine individually?
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    please start questions as a new thread and don't interrupt others. thanks.
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    there's the rub, when the systems are new or crashed, you're gonna have to go around to them individually to recover from Ghost. I am not aware of any other method. Our network guys in the Army do this every day.
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