Symantec NIS 2005

By Eltroman
Aug 4, 2005
  1. I am looking to find out how to UNLOAD NIS 2005 from my system with out actually uninstalling it. My son has just purchased a game SW Republic Commando and the only way we could get it to run was to uninstall NIS. Thanks for any help in this and SYMANTEC support is puke:
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    You'd be much better off without that bloatware.
    If you really can UNinstall NIS, you should do it. Most people need to reinstall their PC because that crap normally does not let itself be removed in a user-friendly way.
    NIS is an enormous resource hogger as well.
    Get free alternatives:
    Antivirus from
    Firewall from
    Together they work just as good, if not better, and don't interfere with the rest of your PC.

    PS: you can only temporarily disable NIS, not unload.
  3. jobeard

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    how to uninstall NAV / NIS

    the Symantec site has tools and techniques to fully uninstall NAV and NIS
    Symantec Site

    follow the links and you'll discover several tools to cleanup the directories, the registry and all the crud leftover from the installer.

    as noted
    this really worked and obliterated Norton* from the system.
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