Synaptics rethinks laptop touchpad, keyboard with pressure sensing


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Synaptics, a company well known for developing the touchpads and clickpads found on laptops from a number of manufactures, has officially announced a couple of new touch-focused products aimed at the next generation of Windows 8 devices: the ForcePad and…

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Never mind.

Wont pressure sensitive keyboards be amazing for gaming?

(I really should finish reading before I post.)


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Synaptics is a cool company. They have had "4:20 PM" for years as the clock time in their configuration utility under 'device settings'. Must be where they get these innovative ideas.


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Can we not just forget these advancements and go straight to laser projection keyboards like the one the Israelis invented a few years back? Granted, they might not be designed for gamers, but they've got the backlight problem sorted!

Stick a laser projector on the bottom of a tablet, prop up the screen and have it project the keyboard onto the surface in front of it. Bye-bye laptops!

Or maybe I'm thinking too far ahead.


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just a little. Laser projections have a hard time telling if im pressing t, g, or b. and that have that problem ALL THE TIME.


I think pressure sensing would be amazing!! I feel it provides a way of recording sudden emotional responses we may have to anything we encounter using a computer.....I guess this is where tablets may have their setbacks. Unless you can make those indestructable too haha.


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Dat bump tho
but pressure sensitivity for keyboards would be fantastic. Wonder what happened to this.