Synched all music to iPod, OK to uninstall iTunes on my computer?

By greasyone
Apr 22, 2010
  1. Hi all- I have another post here on some issues I'm having getting iTunes on my PC to recognize my music on my external HD (copied from iTunes on my iMac), so please take a look at that post if you have some ideas.

    In the meantime, I have to give my iMac back to my boss (it was a hand me down). I want to delete all my iTunes music from the iMac and uninstall iTunes. If I snych all my music onto my iPod, is it safe to go ahead and deinstall iTunes on the iMac? In other words, do the music rights certificates and all the stuff that allows iTunes to play my music reside with the music on the iPod? I want to be sure I don't lose a bunch of ripped and purchased music in the process.

    Thanks so much!
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    Yep, you can delete the stuff from the computer and its still good on the iPod. What you should do is go to 'File -> Library -> Back up to disk' on iTunes on the Mac and get your stuff backed up, then you can take it to a Windows (or Mac) machine and authorize that copy of iTunes with your iTunes account information, because once you go from syncing an iPod on a Mac to a PC you are going to wipe that iPod initially, so you want an authorized computer to sync the stuff back up, otherwise you won't be able to play your DRM'd files.

    It is also a good idea to deauthorize the computer you are giving back, this gives you back an authorization (you can only have 5 authorized computers) and prevents your boss from using your account. Which brings me to another thing you said, you can remove iTunes, but you don't really want to, its unnecessary and will probably go back on next time your boss does a Software Update. Just deauthorize it and remove your stuff from iTunes (go to each section, select all, right click and delete/remove).
  3. greasyone

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    Great! Thanks so much for the excellent answer!
    All the best-
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