System date peculiarity

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Jun 3, 2009
  1. On a UK PC with the regional settings all set to UK and the date and time displayed correctly, anyone any ideas why the event log should display in US format (mm/dd/yy)? The only other similar instance on this is PC is for dates displayed in an Access database located on another networked PC and which displays correctly on it's home PC but not when opened on the problem PC.
    Any ideas anyone?
  2. mscrx

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    what would be the uk format? we use one base image for all over the company which comes from an US english install cd. I have everything set up to german and also have the "us formatting" in the event log.
    e.g. 6/3/2009 12:00:30 AM
    do you have the language bar active and us english as second choice? this can be set up for every single application.
  3. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 2,026

    Date format is dd/mm/yy - and everything is set to English, even the default keyboard language.
  4. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    can you check the default settings / system settings. I think event logging is system related and might not use user settings but the system or default settings
  5. AlbertLionheart

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    The system is not here but I recall checking everything that had any bearing on the system time or region or default language. I have a number of machines here and they all show UK values as they should given that their settings are all the same as the problem system (systems not linked in any way)
  6. gbhall

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    On the face of it, you have one PC in which software that looks for certain settings like date is using a 'local service' branch of the registry, rather than the 'user' branch. Somehow the local service value for 'short date' has been changed, but you dont see the change in most running software because you run them under the 'user'. settings.

    I would suggest signing on to the highest level of user 'administrator' in safe mode, and setting the short date as you want it. Thats a guess based two facts (a) that Access is probably old software from win95/98 days and knows nothing about 'system' and 'user' settings (b) I just changed my short date setting from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yy and lo! the event log display changed, so that proves where the event log setting comes from....

    PS I just realised it is more complicated than that - under C:\documents and settings, there are ntuser.dat files (registry??) for no less than (a) default user (b) local service (c) network service (d) your user name, but NOT for (e) all users. When I made the change I just described, (b)(c) and (d) versions of ntuser.dat changed, but not (a).
  7. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 2,026

    Good idea - I had not logged in as administrator so will give that a go next week. As you may have gathered this has dropped off the urgent list!
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