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Mar 30, 2009
  1. A few weeks ago our recycling bin kept getting a corruption error everytime we deleted anything. I guess this could be unrelated?...

    Then yesterday the PC botted up to the loading screen of windows (the one with the loading timer line on it) and then rebooted over and over.

    I Tried all the methods online that I could find but got nowhere throughtout today. Then, this afternoon I got a warning "system fan failed" system will shut down in 5seconds.

    The PC is quite old...about 5. HP pavillion 434.uk

    Am I looking to buy a new one? Or is this repairable.
    Can I retrieve the stuff on my Hard.drive? by putting it into one of those media/hard-drive units?
  2. Bobbye

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    A reasonable guess would be that the fan, which cools the system, isn't working and the system is overheating causing the shutdown.

    Can you repair it? Maybe- by replacing the fan.

    Should you backup in case of total hardware failure> Absolutely.

    Should you get a new computer> Maybe- depend on the 'fan' problem. but in any case, backup now to CD or flash drive, everything you don't want to lose.

    The manual for the HP Pavilion 434.uk Desktop PC can be found here:

    You may find some guidance in the manual.
  3. sivyour

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    Think Im past the possible backup point....

    I have no access to the PC. Both fans are working. Heatsink is seated well (I had to replace the plastic bracket a couple of years ago) and brackets and straps are fine.

    Not sure what else it could be. I have read its possibly the motherboard.

    Will it be possible to take out the hard drive and put it into an external harddrive frame/unit to retrieve the data?
  4. Bobbye

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    So how are you going to do that if you have no access to the PC?
  5. sivyour

    sivyour TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Is there really any need to be so ridiculously pedantic?

    I have access to the PC!!! just no access to bios OR Microsoft Windows.

    (I didnt want to say just "windows" incase you thought I was trapped in some kind of glassless room!)

    Any usefull assistance would be appreciated.
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