System for entry level gamin and HDTV output

By highkftj
Sep 13, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I am trying to find the best system for some entry level gaming but mostly for streaming video from my pc to my hdtv. any helps would be strongly appreciated, since my level of competence is not one of the highest :)

    I need a pd desktop between 600 and 800 bucks which is able to handle entry level/old games (old car simulators) but mostly which is able to output any video I have on my hd to my HDTV via hdmi. Thus I am looking for a video card with at least 1) DVI for connecting the monitor (I prefere to the vga output) and 2) HDMI with audio support for sending the video+audio to my hdtv (I don't want to use a separate cable for the audio)

    I read that ge force video cards need to have the audio hooked up via spdif with the mobo or audio card in order to have audio over hdmi output. that's why I was thinking to move more to a radeon system which seems to handle better the problem. I saw that 4350 or 4550 have good gaming entry level with a good hdmi support, up to 1080p.

    at the moment, after reading all the possible combination I found two system which satisfy my needs, but I am not sure if they would really work and if there is any better possibility:

    CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 7209
    Acer H213H bmid

    this system sounds pretty good and it would be perfect if it had a firewire support...(needed to edit some video). is there any possibility to have a front panel multi card reader/usb/firewire to connect to the pc (also with pci connection to the mobo if the mobo does not support directly the above connections)

    Gateway DX4820-02 23" Widescreen LCD Core 2 Quad Q8400(2.66GHz) 8GB DDR3 750GB NVIDIA GeForce G210

    this also look a pretty nice system but I am not sure if the g210 works for streaming audio + video over hdmi. why gateway is not more specific about this point and doen't say if the system has the audio connection via spdif????

    Any helps, comment or advice on above or other system would be really appreciated!

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