System Freezes after try to boot windows from CD.

By oldjoe12
Mar 14, 2005
  1. Here is the situation:

    My computer runs on Windows XP with SP1. I have tried to install a copy of Nero on my computer and when I reboot after the installation process, I get an error that wont even allow me to boot into windows. It says "disk read error. press ctrl, alt, and del to reboot. This is a vicious cycle that I wasn't able to fix. So the first time this happened to me I just put the windows cd in, booted from the cd and had to format the HD and start over. This wasn't a huge problem cause this is a secondary computer that doesn't have any of my important files. I tried to restore and repair windows but that did not work. That was a while ago and I wasn't sure if nero was the cause, or I just forgot and im an *****. So, I tried to install this copy of Nero again. Bad idea. Got the same problem. I put the windows cd in and tried to boot from the cd. When it asks me to press any key to boot from cd, I press a key and it is as though it is going into setup because I get the message that says "setup is determining your hardware configuration...please wait" (or something like that) and then the message disappears and I have a black screen that is frozen. It doesnt take me to the setup menu or anything, it is just stuck. I haven't the slightest idea what to do, I dont know if I should try formatting the hard drive some other way and then trying to install windows. Any help would be GREAT. Fresh out of ideas.
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    Maybe that version of Nero is an OEM that does not work with your brand/model of CDRW.
    Those are symptoms that occur in such cases.
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