System Reboots After Login

By neal_626
May 28, 2006
  1. I got a computer from a friend because they were having problems with it. It would reboot everytime after anyone logged in. Thinking that it might be a software problem (virus, malware, etc.) I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. However, the problem didn't go away. I started wondering if it was a hard drive problem, so I switched the hard drive out several times with ones I have laying around the house. The system will boot from a 1.5GB and 4.5GB hard drive without a problem, but won't boot from a 7.5GB to 100GB hard drive. Is it possible that there is an incompatability between the larger hard drives and the mobo or BIOS? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Here are my PC specs:

    Micron PC
    Intel 810E Chipset
    Intel Celeron Processor
    Windows ME
    64MB RAM
    AMI BIOS version 1.00.24
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