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By ch369256
Feb 6, 2007
  1. Hello,

    Not sure if you guys will be able to help, but thought I would try anyway...

    ... I own an HP Pavillion 708a. It wasn't working properly (aka I was unable to turn it on), so I took it in to get it fixed. Hard drive was fried, so my system was wiped. Got computer back, with no OS on it of course. Tried to back up using discs, but ran into some trouble- got approx. 70% through, and kept getting "error... please restart." So I did, but never managed to successfully recover. Tried twice, with same problem both times. Decided to just start from scratch, and simply recover Windows. I did that earlier today, and didn't do too badly considering I have no idea what I'm doing. Got Windows back on, set everything up, and was able to use computer throughout the day. I turned it on and off a few times to test.

    Approx. an hour ago, computer shuts itself off and I'm somehow back to square one. There is no longer an OS on my computer AND it won't let me recover a thing. Thoughts/suggestions? Have I screwed this up royally?

  2. Tedster

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    possibly. What caused the hard drive to die?
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