'System Security' unable to open exe

By blackmesa
Jul 7, 2009
  1. Hi there. I logged onto my computer today and the desktop is now at 'You have been infected with spyware etc' message on it. A 'system security' program has been installed, which from a google seems like a spyware program. I had AVG, but I think it had recently expired, and now when I try to open it it just wont open. I try to download another anti-virus/spyware but when i double click the exe file it wont open. It comes up with a thing on the bottom left saying 'this file is infected' blah blah, which opens the spyware program thing. It recently had the blue screen of death, but it suggested restarting so I did and it hasn't happened again. I've looked for a similar problem but cannot find one.
    TIme is also a factor because there is some inportant work on the computor which I need. So it would great if someone could help me.
    Thanks in advance!
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