system32\drivers\pci.sys error

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my computers been having problems for a while, but now its gotten to the point where its impossible to use. To turn it on now i had to disable the video card and set the computer to onboard video mode in bios and video memory or something which was 32 to 8, because everytime i turned the computer on it came up with an error starting windows, system32/drivers/pci.sys. Everytime i try to play World of Warcraft the computer would reboot. Which is very annoying because i kept dying. And then it comes up with this error. Sometimes it lets you chose last known good configuration but most times it doesnt. It also takes forever to load if it does run. I dont know what to do! if it was a video card problem i would of thought by disabling it would fix it, but it still crashes. I recently installed 128 mb of ram to my existing 256 ram but i think this is not the problem. I also added a new hardrive. Anyone know what the problem could be? i have a geforce2. I dont want to buy a new graphics card if its a problem with the motherboard.
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oh, i worked it out, it was the ram. i thought the ram wasnt a pci device so had ignored it, but when i removed it all problems were solved! though, now i dont know what to do for extra ram.
Boot up Problems

My computer will not boot up when I turn it on. When I try the Repair "r" it comes up with "load needed DLL's for kernel".
And when I try to reload Windows XP Pro, it comes up with with File setupdd.sys could not be loaded the error code is 7, and "missing system32\drivers\pci.sys

My Western Digital Hard drive is new could this be a hard drive problem or is it some where else
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