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T-2692 Lessons - Learned lessons, that is...

By Milwaukean ยท 12 replies
Jun 5, 2006
  1. So I have this T2692 from after thanks giving sale (299) of 2004. It started dying. After several posts and reading this forum I found that it could be PSU, MOBO and/or CPU Fan.

    Went around the city to ask for PSU and Fan prices. PSU is 50 (400W) and fan is 15 to 25. After searching one more week with google and all that found that mobo is 60+. Again did not order anything for two more days. Went to local shop to make sure that mobo is not working and I needed it. The guys in shop are lazy and bums. So after 2 hours of me sitting at front desk waiting, they say - sorry we do not have people to test this. Ah, I come back and while coming back thought to test mobo again.

    I go home and reconnect everything, the giant "e" comes up and then windows started booting. So the chip and board are fine then, though the "e" stays longer than necessary. I disconnect Floppy and the zip drive I added and the booting is faster by thin thread. So I think the power is dying. Let us get a power supply and see how it resoponds. Test proved that mobo is just fine. So is the CPU.

    I go to shop and ask fo4 400W supply and a fan. Cost? 49.99 +15. Well let us get this. When the bill came out surprise awaited - you are given a 55% discount. So please pay $30 for both. :) Nice start. Isn't it?

    I come home and fix both. Now the "e" comes on screen for a fraction of second (almost unnoticeable) and then windows zips through and system is ON and working great like the race horse.

    I really do not know at this point, if the power supply is a good one or a cheapo. But well my PC itself is cheapo and it does not need a Wharton build of a power supply ;-) So for now the system is good and running fine.

    Lesson learned - if your PC has "e" longer, and if your power in light is staying on, and if CPU fan is stopping on the way - it is my conviction that your PSU needs a replacement. BEfore it fries the mobo, please consider replacing it.

    BTW my power light on front panel that used to remain on after system shut off is now working as it should. So with $30 it is back up and running OK.

    Any comments on if it will fry again? I plan to put a wireless LAN in it soon.

    OTOH, thanks to best buy when this system was dead I bought a laptop (TOshiba) for 399 in the memorial day weekend. I also took a 3 years warranty plan with them since I am not a familiar with laptop hardware. But now that the laptop and desktop both are up, my family wants a wireless LAN because the laptop already has it.

    Good going so far. Thanks everyone who posted earlier on T2692.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Good post, people should take note.

    The psu (power supply unit) is by far the most commonly overlooked component in a pc, if a psu goes it can possibly take almost everything along with it.

    What make of psu did you get?
  3. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    CodeGen PSU

    My PSU was a cheapo as explained earlier. We hardly use the PC for more than 3-5 hours a day. And when we do not use, we switch it off. Here is the link to the CodeGen PSU I bought at local store. It was listed at 49.99 but got a discount and paid 23.xx. Hope it does not burn out soon. :haha:

  4. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Codegen.. not realy top of the range, not realy bottom.. you should be fine with that for a bit.. wifi card internal or external? or through router?

    laptop hardware are much harder to replace so extended warranty's fine..
  5. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Please help

    I really do not know what to buy now. I plan to buy the following for my DSL connection.

    Buy router and connect to DSL Modem.

    Buy Wireless Internal LAN For PC

    Connect network and use the laptop (has wireless already built in)

    Does this work?

    ANy ideas on how to minimize costs (like buying router plus lan modem into one for PC that can be used by laptop wireless to conenct)?

    Please give your ideas? I am not familiar with modes(like 802.11g etc) and ideas. Please everything you can. Thanks a lot
  6. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Forgot to add

    Forgot to add
    I do *NOT* move my PC a lot but laptop, yes we move it around the house.

    Any suggestions for wireless connection? Thanks
  7. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    well lets see.. your getting a wifi router yes?

    does your DSL modem has an ethernet port? that is your first thing you need to check.. some do, some only use USB, others have both. you'll need to check..

    since the pc's not going to move much, and your modem is (i assume) usualy next to the pc.. so therefore, (also assuming your pc uses an ethernet port as well) just put the router between the pc and the modem and you save yourself $30-50 from buying an internal wifi card for the pc :).

    That is, unless your pc is way far from the modem or your laptop goes out of range.. which will be unlikly considering todays technology, minus a few gyprock and lead walls :D

    802.11g is one of the standards of wifi, and is faster and better than the 'b' modes (the old one). two speeds available - 54MBps or 108MBps.. pretty obvious..

    whats your planned budget? any other questions?
  8. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Any links?

    OK thanks a lot. Any links to the router that can be connected to PC? If I understand correctly you are telling me to buy a router that can be connected to PC's LAN. I think my DSL modem has LAN and not USB type. Not sure but will check though.

    If I connect my router to DSL modem, does it also go to PC LAN?

    Any links to the router that will work this way?

    Budget? How about $50? Or is it worth spending more (for the cheapo PC and cheapo PSU? LOL)
  9. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    yep. thats it. You'd find all routers, if not all uses standard Network Ethernet ports to connect stuff to and fro, therefore checking for a ethernet connection on your DSL modem is a good thing. Heck even the modem manual says to conect via ethernet if available...

    to give example of such, this is one i have at home, Dlink DL524 http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=316

    although a bit outdated by today's standard, but still works nonetheless. This one has 1 WAN port, in which you plug in your modem to, and then it got 4 Ethernet LAN ports, which you can plug in a pc, laptop, server - anything that is LAN compatible, including the XBOX and PS2 :D

    But who knows, there may be another one that suits you better, has better functions and cheaper :). Just take a look around thats all i can say, and read reviews on them. I'd be wary of generic brands, but trusted brands i'd recomend any day would be DLink, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin among a few..

    Some routers are just routers, others also serve double duty as a network switch, like this one, and even some others have options of using as print server, file server etc.. lots of them are popping up.

    $50.. assuming you were in the USA, Newegg.com prices:
    Assuming you were elsewhere, Google :D.

    As for spending more or less is up to you, you just have to justify paying a bit more because this thing has that extra or that etc. Just make sure that the router you get has at least a basic inbuilt firewall to filter out any unwanteds, and is WPA encryption compatible. Unless you want your neighbours using your internet expenses lol..
  10. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17


    Ok. thanks a lot for the pain. Will check for these and try.
  11. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    T-2692 - Lessons (NEW)

    So I go home on Friday and the sytem is dead AGAIN! Huh? Did I not replace the power supply and the cpu fan just the last Saturday? OK after several attempts to get it started failed, I decided that mobo could be faulty. I bought the mother board from local store again for $60. Got it tested on desk and took it home to install it. The salesman threw the thermal paste free when I asked him for one. Good going to save a dollar (his price for paste).

    I come back home and install the mobo and try restarting. XP tries to boot but keeps failing. So I insert the original XP pro and reinstall everything (another one hour and the tea in microwave went cold). Next is drivers installation for devices not recognized by XP. I put the CD provided by mobo and it was done (another 20 min). The system is back up and running fine. No other software was lost despite emachines guy assuring me that hdd will be formatted. All other software is intact.

    Now I take out the mobo manual to read after dinner :) yup I am the guy who reads manuals *if* everything fails :) It says - the mobo will shut down if temp of cpu goes over xx. Hmm.. so the emachines was doing the same then because last week when I remvoed mobo and reinstalled with new power supply it worked for one week. Did I waste $100 for psu, new mobo and all this and could I have been better off with just $1 thermal paste? :-((

    So I google on Sunday and found that there is a program from Everest (http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/Everest-Home-Edition.shtml) and then see the CPU temperature. It is standing betwee 33 deg C to 36 deg C after several hours of power ON state.

    Not sure it this is OK or not.

    SO the lesson learned now is, do not jump to conclusion that all is well. Next week it could be CPU. If my CPU were dead it could have failed even this week. Boy, it could fail next week. So what? When a low life PC like emachines is bought, one has to go through this hell. Let us see what happens next week. Will update again. In the meantime does anyone know what is an ideal CPU temperature for home PC use? We use it about 4 hours a day maximum - just for email check and some word and excel and SPSS programs. But not more than 4 hours at one stretch. Rest is for just email and such office use.

    Work so far:

    PSU (23.xx) - Codegen brand 400W
    CPU fan (7.xx) - do not remember brand
    (Both of the above worked for one week on emachines board)
    new mobo - asrock.com brand (how good is this? I bought it becoz it was the only one the local store had. Mail orders usually take more than 5 days time and I went to local store to buy thus). $60

    So far about $93 on an original $299 emachines cheapo.

    Next week - new cpu? Any ideas where I can buy one? Thanks a lot.

    Wish me good luck - in *NOT* buying a CPU. BTW I cleaned the thermal paste on cpu and fan with rubbing alcobol and applied new paste on fan before inserting into the socket. Even paste could be cheapo brand since I got it free from store.

    Thanks a lot for reading :)
  12. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hi Milwaukean.

    Just to let you know, I have merged your new thread into this one.

    This is because it`s still dealing with the same problem and will save any confusion, for the members who have been helping you.

    Regards Howard :)
  13. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Added new HDD

    So my saga continues. The PC is still fine no CPU problems. Since I had an old PC with 4.01 GB hdd (win 98), I removed that and added it to my 80GB disk PC as a secondary HDD. XP prof can recognize it but formatting (right click, format from Windows explorer) was not well. So I put the "quick format" and used NTFS method. It did format in a jiffy and the HD works fine.

    So that'z where I stand. I hope it continues to work w/o any problems. Thanks for reading..
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