T-Mobile data breach compromised 2.3 million customers' personal information

Shawn Knight

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T-Mobile has revealed it recently discovered that an unauthorized party had accessed some customers’ personal data.

A spokesperson speaking to Motherboard said the breach affected “about” or “slightly less than” three percent of its 77 million customers. Doing some quick math, three percent of 77 million is 2.31 million.

T-Mobile said in a release that it discovered the intrusion on August 20 and promptly shut it down. While no financial data or social security numbers were stolen, other information including names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, billing ZIP codes, account numbers and account type (prepaid or postpaid) may have been exposed.

The spokesperson told Motherboard that hackers from an international group accessed company servers using an API.

T-Mobile said it has notified all affected customers, or will do so shortly. If you haven’t received a notice (or don’t receive one soon), it means your account was not impacted and you have nothing to worry about. Those with additional concerns are encouraged to contact customer care by dialing 611, using two-way messaging in the T-Mobile app, online at MyT-Mobile.com or via iMessage through Apple Business Chat.

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TS Evangelist
I am not happy about the breech, being a T-mobile customer, however, the quick response is how ALL companies should handle something like this, IMO.

Perhaps T-mobile has people watching for this type of thing. With other companies, it takes them literally months to even notice something is going on. This is how it should be in such circumstances.
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TS Guru
So with all of the private and personal data they and other companies collect from phones these days, was all of that compromised as well? This is why this practice should NEVER have been forced on customers.


TS Evangelist
I have been receiving "promo" calls long before this happened. I know I add my phone number only to the services I must have. And I have no doubt one of them leaks phone numbers for companies who do auto calls.
Shame on them, but they are on the long list of companies that got breached.