T-Mobile: iPhone 7 pre-orders up 4x over iPhone 6, matte black most popular

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Apple last week said it wouldn’t be revealing first-weekend sales numbers for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, bucking a trend that dates back several years. A spokesperson for the company said the decision had to do with the fact that they know the iPhone 7 will sell out even before the weekend arrives and as such, initial sales figures would be artificially dictated by supply, not demand.

On the Internet, the immediate – and sensible – reaction to the news was that Apple isn’t expecting gangbuster sales of the new phones due to market saturation, waning interest in the iPhone or the fact that this year’s model doesn’t deliver the groundbreaking redesign some expected in a non-S release.

Just when you think you’ve got Apple figured out, new information crops up that makes you reconsider everything.

In a Periscope session Monday afternoon, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the iPhone 7 has been the biggest launch ever in his company’s history. Specifically, they’ve had four times as many pre-orders for the new phone as they did with the iPhone 6, a handset that had a striking new design and larger screen size options. Is that because T-Mobile is much more popular these days thanks to Legere’s Un-carrier initiatives?

The executive also revealed that the matte black model is the most pre-ordered color to date. Is that because the supply of the jet black model is indeed in short supply as rumor has it?

Granted, this is only one source but then again, the nation’s third largest wireless provider is likely a pretty decent gauge of the US market. Does this mean sales of the iPhone aren’t tanking as some have predicted? We’ll find out in the coming months through Apple’s quarterly reports.

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Im sure its because of the promo they were doing.... trade in your iphone 6 and get the iphone 7 free... or Plus for $120. For new/existing customers. With a deal like that who would pass out on switching or getting the new iphone 7. As always smart moves by John.
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I'll take those figures with a grain of salt. Every year the say the same thing, "Pre orders are up 4x for the new and improved model". If that was really the case then we can expect Apple to sell about 7.2 billion of their gadgets just on pre order which is about the entire earths population. Yeah...


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I'm pretty sure this is not true. Sounds like they got payed off there's absolutely no way they will get 4 times as many. The iPhone already sells well and that would be if they was to release some new crazy phone. Most people I know aren't even upgrading.


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I would be surprised if the iPhone 7 sells very well at all in the UK, the price increase has put a lot of people off it, I only know of 2 people that are planning to upgrade, Many more people I know (I would like to put the ball park figure of 40-50 people I know with 3 year old or under iPhones) that simply cannot afford or are not prepared to put the money down for it, I mean, £719 for the plus model?! You gotta be kidin' me!

The problem with the pound losing so much value so quickly I guess...


Just when you think you’ve got Apple figured out, new information crops up that makes you reconsider everything.
NO...all this means is that we've grossly underestimated apple's influential brainwashing in making the sheeple believe in their turds. Crapple's force is exceedingly strong with these sheeple.