T-Mobile is expediting the launch of its Connect prepaid plan

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The Un-carrier first announced T-Mobile Connect late last year, roughly one month before lighting up its 5G network. The original plan was to wait until its merger with Sprint was complete before rolling out the new plan but given the current climate, T-Mobile has instead decided to make the service available starting this Wednesday, March 25.

T-Mobile Connect is a prepaid plan that affords unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed data for $15 plus taxes and fees or 5GB of data for $25 plus taxes and fees. The plans also come with an Annual Data Upgrade which adds 500MB of monthly data, every year, for the next five years, free of charge.

What happened to T-Mobile’s firm stance against hidden taxes and fees?

Also worth highlighting is this bit in the fine print: “After allotted high-speed data is used, data unavailable until next bill cycle for Connect plans.” Taken at face value, this means that once you eat through your data allotment, you are cut off completely, not just throttled to a much slower connection.

T-Mobile also recently deployed additional 600 MHz spectrum on loan from multiple companies to increase network capacity over the next two months.

More information about T-Mobile’s new plan can be found on its prepaid website.

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Well it doesn't beat my current $30 per month plan which has 100 minutes of talk with unlimited text and unlimited data with 5 GB of LTE allocation reduced to 400 kbps until next billing ....!
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