T-Mobile willingly bricks S20s-- no joking



T-Mobile will shut down Sprint's 5G network in order to rework its spectrum into its own 5G grid. While those with a Galaxy S20 series device on Sprint will be able to use 5G on either network, other 5G phone owners will eventually have to migrate to those S20s. The upcoming changes have been announced as the recently-merged carriers begin integrating their separate cellular infrastructure into a cohesive network — a process that's expected to take 3 years.

All of this to say if you own any Sprint 5G phone that does not have "Galaxy S20" in its name, it will eventually lose access to either network's 5G, period.

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@jobeard. Ya know, sometimes I feel so pedestrian and out of touch, only having a lowly landline, and not really even knowing how tr work a smartphone. But then again, "ignorance is bliss"., (Especially when it's coupled to avoidance).